How to Create a Great (or Good Enough) Website

Celebrated Marketing Blogger and Author Seth Godin has recently published a couple of blog posts which you may find interesting if you are contemplating a new website.

‘How to create a Great Website’
presents 10 principles of great web design. We are inclined to agree with his point about committees – ‘Design by Committee’ typically fails as we generally find this slows down the process of creating a great website, and too many opinions inevitably create a bland and unnecessarily complex website. We would encourage you to have your website project led by someone, empower them and trust them to make the best decisions! Web design is a combination of skills, from marketing through design to technical. This is a hard combo to find in one person, but these people do exist, and many are working as web consultants.

‘How to Create a Good Enough Website’ encourages a little plagiarism. We’re inclined to agree that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”: if someone is already doing it well, why not borrow some of their ideas? There are very few new ideas left, and if you think you have an original one, and no one else does it that way, theres probably very good reasons. Just don’t be too blatant, and obviously do not steal any copyrighted content!

Long ago, Reverse Delta realised that website design needs different skills, so we always recommend web sites are architected by web architects, designed by designers, copywritten by copywriters, and programmed by programmers. Anything else just won’t do the job. After all, you wouldn’t get a painter to build your house, so why should your website be any different?