Google set to launch rival to iPhone?

There is much speculation that Google is set to launch it’s phone – the GPhone – very soon.

I guess it’s inevitable that Google’s foray into the mobile market will have a major impact on the mobile web and the mobile phone market in general. Its reported that the GPhone will be based on an entirely new operating system, competing against the likes of Symbian (used by Nokia and Sony) and Windows Mobile. I personally hope that they do a better job with the web browser than Microsoft have with Mobile Internet Explorer. With Opera charging for their mobile browser, there is still a need for a decent free mobile browser. Mozilla are working on Minimo but its still got its problems.

Also, it is hoped that their phone will work over fast 3G networks or the near-broadband speed of HSDPA, unlike Apple’s iPhone which is amazingly hobbled by it being limited to slow 2G connections.

    Added 19-Oct-07:

Interesting article here on Forbes about this.