SEO going cheap? Well…. for an experimental period

For quite some time now we’ve been carrying out Search Engine Optimisation reviews. They’re an important add-on to our business and help us twofold.

Firstly, we can get new business – let’s not be shy here, that’s sorta what we’re about… If we uncover some problems with websites that can easily be remedied, we can give you instructions on how to do that – via your webmasters, if it’s not us. Frequently though, we can show people how poorly their site performs in Search Engine rankings and how a SEO strategy could help to pick things up something we could carry out.

Secondly though, a lengthy, thorough review of a site; its code, its performance in search results, who is linking to it, how visible the content is, etc., is a great way of us sharpening our own SEO skills. On the job training.

The reviews are about one to two hours of our consultancy time, costing between £75 and £150.

For an experimental period, we’re offering SEO reviews for just £20. We may need to review this, depending on demand, but we see it as an interesting way of developing our business.

Read more about our SEO review offer here.