Broadband UK – the big Ofcom debate starts

So it’s here at last – about 20 years after Margaret Thatcher declined to let BT start replacing its wire infrastructure with Fibre Optic cable to (in those days) ‘enable TV to be piped into people’s homes’, Ofcom has today started a debate and review into the future of Broadband in the UK

The watchdog wants to prepare for the growing demand for higher-speed services such as video streaming that will potentially stretch the current telecoms infrastructure to its limits.

In my view, we should think about the model that Japan has used. They deregulated the market and maximized competition in residential broadband services by freeing up “the last mile” for use by multiple service providers.

The result was that most Japanese broadband users can download at 40 MBPS for half the price that we pay to download at 4 MBPS

10% of Japanese consumers can download at 100 MBPS for around £22 per month.

Free things up and let the market do the planning!

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