E-commerce – a reminder of the basics.

This article on SearchEngineJournal.com acts as a great reminder to all our e-commerce customers about the fundamentals of their business. We can’t all be amazon.coms, so it does us all good every so often to remind ourselves about what the basics are.

The site user does not want to know about who you are, how you got there, or how special you are… all of that will come through when they’re using a well build and easily navigable site (it’s called ‘design’ !). They will use you if you adhere to these four guidelines:

  1. Offer real benefits to customers
  2. The benefits must be difficult for your competitors to offer
  3. The benefits must be of great value to potential customers
  4. Convey the unique benefits to your visitors

Your product should be their product and you should be the easiest (and most enjoyable!) way of getting it.