Reverse Delta Outing to Tour de France in Hyde Park

A few of the team attended the Tour de France time trials in Hyde Park, London last weekend. It was hot for once and some of us got a bit sunburnt, as we went out expecting another miserable UK summer’s day. There was also that rarest of things – “free beer” – available, in exchange for an email address for their marketing. Luckily I have a lot of email addresses. Thank you Adnams!

I don’t know much about cycling or the Tour de France, but it was a great day out. I especially liked it when a lady asked why we were all cheering cars going past with bikes on their roofs (this is the entourage that follows the cyclists) as this was all that could be seen above the heads of the crowd!

Our new Dave (Dave H) is cycling mad. And a damn good cyclist he is too. Last week he stood on a podium wasting champagne in Rochdale — well done Dave! More details over here on Dave’s personal blog: