Month: May 2007

Pop Music quiz – check your UK chart knowledge

By Dave Haygarth   May 15, 2007  
One of our latest clients has one of those sites you just don't want to leave. is the official UK Chart quiz website in association with the official UK charts. On the site, you can test your chart knowledge against your friends. Who knows - you could even knock Suffolk's Stewart Lennox off the top spot in the hall of fame. Stewart's knowledge on his chosen years of 2003-2006 gained him a massive 38,160 points. Pop goes our Friday afternoon....

New site, a new dawn, and a new Dave

By Dave Haygarth   May 11, 2007  
Things are manic fun here at RDHQ, and as a record breaking spring works its wonderful effect on all things organic, you'll probably have noticed a bit of a spring clean on our website. Continue reading "New site, a new dawn, and a new Dave"

Reverse Delta’s own copywriting guide

By Dave Haygarth   May 11, 2007  
There's so many SEO guides out there on the web - but we thought that our clients needed something a bit more tailored, so we've produced our own.  Continue reading "Reverse Delta’s own copywriting guide"